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Potential Problem Areas Around Windows in the Home


The window areas in the home by their nature have traditionally been made from materials which aren’t as durable as the brick structure that they are essentially slotted into, and as such, rather like the moving parts in a machine, they are prone to many different types of problems.

Older glass can become more brittle and slightly distorted, and can be prone to cracking e.g. with the effects of the cold and strong winds. This can create problems with drafts and cold in the house, and the obvious cost of replacing the glass.

If not maintained properly and painted regularly, older wooden window frames can rot and split and can again leave the home more open to the effects of cold, damp, and the elements.


Single glazed windows generally let more noise into the home. They also provide less of a barrier between the outside elements and the inside of the home. Heat or cold are quickly transferred through a single sheet of glass. Old putty around the outside of old glass can harden, crack, and fall out in chunks over time. This can mean that the glass vibrates and rattles with the effects of wind or even loud noises like vehicle engines outside.

The window coverings / decorations can also have some specific problems. Curtains can absorb smells and dirt, and can become stained with water and mould from condensation which has formed on the glass. Older blinds e.g. old horizontal blinds or old roller blinds can develop problems with their operating mechanisms over time e.g. the roller blinds are difficult to move and old horizontal blind strings become tangled and the blind slats get stuck at angles.

Vertical blinds however provide a means to avoid many of the potential problems. Custom made vertical blinds can not only be easy to install, but also very easy to operate. The vertical blind slats can be individually cleaned or replaced if necessary. The slats can be angled perfectly to achieve the right balance of privacy and letting high quality natural light into the room. Vertical blinds when fully closed can also provide a good barrier against drafts and noise.

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