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Window Fashions This Spring


Spring is of course the time of year when everything seems to burst back into life after the long, cold winter months. Longer lighter days and the appearance of flowers and green leaves seem to bring with the promise of summer sunshine just around the corner. As much as spring cleaning serves a hygienic and practical purpose it is also a metaphor and an outward sign of the need to clear the cold and wet of the winter away for another year. One of the things that people miss most during the long winter months is normal, bright daylight. In fact in some people the lack of it can cause them to exhibit symptoms of depression. Spring in the home then should be a time to welcome in the light in abundance.


The windows are the area of the home that allow us contact with the outside world and allow the light in. Giving the windows a thorough clean on regular basis is important to keep letting the valuable light in, and after a particularly cold and severe winter this spring’s fashions for window coverings are going to celebrate light. Light, bright spring colours with plenty of white and yellows in lightweight curtains and thin light nets are a step in the right direction for more traditional households. Modern white wooden shutters can also bring a touch of brightness and elegance to the home.

Vertical blinds are very much on trend not just for spring but for the whole year ahead. The light coloured reflective vertical slats can be angled beautifully to guide the best of the spring sunshine into the home, but to cut any unwanted glare at the same time. Many home owners choose spring to re-decorate the home in bright, optimistic colours and high quality white made to measure vertical blinds provide the perfect neutral accompaniment to any new design scheme. The simplicity and neatness of vertical blinds could be just the kind of practical and yet beautiful feature that could allow you to welcome the light into your home this spring. They are easy to keep clean, easy to operate and can used in every room of the home.


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