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Focusing on Your Window Areas


As part of the general maintenance, decoration, and enjoyment of our homes we tend to pay most attention to the appearance of the rooms that we are likely to use the most, and the rooms that we spend most time in. It is party for these reasons that when it comes to selling a home, particular attention is paid to the quality of the surroundings in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and main bedrooms. For most people time is commodity is short supply and having to pay attention to work and family needs means not being to be able to focus too much on specific areas of the home unless problems arise there. It is however worth giving some thought to the areas of the home that provide the most contact with the outside world and allow light into the home i.e. the window areas.


Many modern home owners have realised that modern materials such as UPVC can be very resistant to weather conditions, can stay looking good for a long time, and don’t require regular painting and maintenance. For those who still have wooden windows e.g. old sash windows, drafts and maintenance are a concern.

What you use to cover your windows can also be important in a number of ways. Whilst curtains can be attractive they are essentially pieces of fabric. As such they are subject to many of the same limitations as our clothes i.e. they attract and hold dirt and odours and will need washing at some point.

Blinds provide a much lighter and brighter, and often a cleaner solution. Vertical blinds for example are particularly easy to keep clean. The vertical nature of the blind slats makes it difficult for dirt and dust to get a foothold. Also the fabrics used in high quality vertical blinds tend to be washable. Should home owners wish to change the design themes and colours of their rooms vertical blind slats can easily be removed and can be relatively cheaply replaced. For many homes and businesses however, white or light coloured vertical blind slats provide an attractive neutrality to interior design which helps to maintain a feeling of space in the room, makes the window areas look very tidy, and matches most design schemes and themes.


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