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Why Vertical Blinds Look So Good


There are many different influences at work on our individual interior design tastes. To a large extent they will be an extension our general outlook on fashion and design. This is likely to be something we developed over time with a number of key influences including culture, family and the media. For many of us, as well as expressing personal tastes, there is a need for a general order and tidiness to things so tastes, fashion and trends tend to be set and expressed within the structure of having a tidy and practical home. Tidiness, order, space and a degree of symmetry are important for many people to have in the modern home so decoration, furniture and fittings are chosen and physically arranged to achieve this. To achieve integrity in an overall look or design however attention has to be paid to all aspects of the room, not just the areas with most surface area i.e. the walls, floor and ceiling. The windows of the modern home serve many important purposes. Particularly in main living areas the windows are very pronounced and are a focal point. For this reason, choosing the right window covering can help to successfully create the right design look. For many people vertical blinds are the obvious choice for number of reasons.


Clean and Tidy
A white or light coloured vertical blind has a way of making the window area look very tidy. The uniform appearance and clean lines of the slats provide symmetry and order that is congruent with our perceptual organising tendencies and our knowledge of what is tidy and a good choice in our cultural and social setting. Most vertical blind slats are made or finished with fabrics that are washable so they are easy to keep clean.

Easy to Fit and Operate
If the initial measurements have been taken correctly the appropriate sized standard stock blinds or better still, made to measure vertical blinds should be very easy to fit. High quality vertical blind makers generally provide the necessary brackets and screws with the blinds. Operating the blinds is a simple process with minimal strings to deal with. The blind slats can be angled perfectly to allow just the right amount of light in during the day, and can be closed flat to form a very effective barrier at night. Many people also like the convenience of being able to buy vertical blinds online.


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