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Vertical Blinds in the Colder Months

In the UK temperatures historically begin to fall in September as the country heads towards autumn and winter. The most obvious concern for householders during these months is how to retain warmth and dryness in the home. The windows of a house have traditionally been one of the main areas where heat is has been lost, particularly if a house has older, single glazed windows. Old windows such as these crack and change shape over time. Without proper maintenance, areas of glass become cracked or broken, and old putty can become detached. All of these problems can add up to a cold room. Apart form the obvious double glazed units, thick curtains or even window shutters have provided heat retaining benefits, but what can vertical blinds offer the householder in the autumn and winter months?

Condensation is often a problem in many homes during the winter months due to the contrast of the heat inside and the cold outside the home. Curtains traditionally hang close to the glass itself and as such, often soak up the condensation. This can lead to mould forming on the curtains which can cause stains, discolouration and unwanted smells. Also, if you have a real fire in the living room, part way through the burning season you will begin to notice a thin layer of ash forming on many surfaces in the room. This ash can also cling to curtains and other soft furnishings in the room. Washing curtains can be a time consuming process which requires a good deal of effort and time.

Also, in the winter months, particularly in the mornings or when there is snow or ice outside, the glare form the sun into the room can be quite intense. Curtains don’t allow this to be filtered out effectively and yet still retain the quality of visibility from inside the home outwards.

Although not generally as thick as e.g. lined curtains, vertical blinds can still form a layer which effectively excludes drafts when the slats are in the closed position. Since vertical blind slats can be angled in any position, they are much better equipped than curtains in dealing with glare. Vertical blinds tend not to touch the window glass itself and are often made of waterproof, washable materials. This means that they are not going to soak up condensation or suffer from mould or mould stains. Even if vertical blind slats are dirtied or damaged for any reason, they can easily be cleaned, and easily and cheaply replaced. The ease of cleaning, and the generally light coloured materials which vertical blinds are made from tend to expose dirt or ash from fires, and allows them to be cleaned easily and quickly.

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