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Standard Shop Bought Blinds or Custom Made Vertical Blinds?

There are so many shops and online stores providing so many different potential alternatives for window coverings e.g. curtains, horizontal blinds, roman blinds. Many of the large D.I.Y. stores have sections for blinds and curtains in a variety of standard sizes. Many houses do have window frames which conform to these standard sizes, but if your window frames do not, which again is likely in many cases, the result can be less than satisfying.

Fitting a standard sized vertical blind that is too long will leave a large part of the blind stacked up untidily on the window board / window sill if it is inside the recess. A blind that’s too long outside the recess will look quite unusual when the blind is open as you will be able to see an area of wall through the bottom of the blind.


If for example you purchased a standard sized horizontal blind that is even slightly too short, there will always be a noticeable area of light shining underneath it and therefore its practicality is will be compromised, particularly if it’s fitted in a bedroom where effective light exclusion is of uppermost importance.

If the standard shop bought vertical blind is even a fraction short in terms of width, you will be able to see parts of the window frame, and the light exclusion and privacy benefits of the blind will be compromised.

Ordering custom made vertical blinds from an experienced and reputable company is and ideal way to make sure you have blind which looks just right, fits your individual window like a glove, and needn’t be more expensive than many of the standard shop blinds available. By following the measuring instructions given to you by the vertical blind company you will ensure the integrity of the fit. The choice of colours and finishes is highly likely to be much wider than in most standard in-store blinds ranges, and delivery times for some companies mean that the blinds can with you in less than a week. With a quality blind company all necessary brackets, screws, and operating systems will be sent with the blind, and good custom made vertical blinds are notoriously easy to install.

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