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How Vertical Blinds Contribute to Home Security


A prevalence of social problems and particularly drug abuse have been major factors in making us feel less secure in our home environments due to rising crime based around burglary and theft. Whereas it may have been acceptable in the past to put an extra bolt on the door and display a burglar alarms outside the home, a much more holistic approach needs to be taken to the security of our homes and businesses. Advances in technology and communications have not only helped the homeowner to install more advanced security systems, but have also helped criminals to find more sophisticated ways to commit crime. Stopping people from entering our homes and businesses and stealing things is an age old problem and there are many things that home owners can do to help prevent this.


Sophisticated alarm systems and motion sensors, and high quality camera surveillance systems have benefitted from advance in technology in recent years, and the extensive use of cameras in public areas have also helped. When it comes to home security there are still some basic things that can be done, and what happens around your window areas can contribute to this.

Aside for the obvious use of window locks other factors need to be considered. Criminals and especially burglars would obviously like to find out more about what and who is in the home. Similarly, you as the occupier need to be able to observe what’s happening outside the home without being observed doing so as a matter of general vigilance for yourself and your neighbours. Vertical blinds strike a great balance between aesthetics, practical benefits, and security. These benefits can be particularly useful in very exposed areas of the home which may be more accessible to criminals e.g. the conservatory. Vertical blinds can be used all around the sides and door of the conservatory and made to measure vertical blinds look particularly tidy in these locations. Vertical blind slats can be angled in such a way that plenty of light is allowed in, home owners can still enjoy the view outside, but it’s very hard for anyone to see from the outside who if anybody is in the house.

When the vertical blind slats are angled flat against the windows e.g. in the evenings they form a solid barrier to prevent anybody seeing into the home. If for instance the occupants were to go out but leave a light on, and leave the vertical blinds in the closed position, these blinds provide enough of a glow to give the appearance of that the house is still occupied but prevent anyone from seeing in. Vertical blinds work equally well in this way in a business setting at night.


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