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Vertical Blinds and the Seasons

The UK has 4 distinct seasons, each with its own prevailing weather patterns and corresponding patterns and cycles of nature. The colder, wetter seasons of autumn and winter tend to have less or more obscured daylight, and less likelihood of sunny days; the summer and spring seasons are essentially the opposite. As humans we are affected in some way by all the main forces of nature, and our body clocks and moods can be strongly linked to the patterns of the seasons, sun and daylight. Maximum darkness (and a comfortable level of warmth) for a good period of time constitutes an ideal night, and maximum natural daylight, sun and warmth for a good period of time constitutes the ideal day. For most people, a good deal of the day and night in all seasons is spent indoors, at home or in the work place. The main contact with outside world in either case is through the windows. Window coverings of various types are used in the vast majority of homes and work places to regulate light, privacy, temperature, and visibility.

Seasonal Requirements for Window Coverings

Keeping cold and drafts out, and keeping warmth in is important in autumn and winter, and particularly around the windows where the barrier with the outside world is at its thinnest. Curtains are made of fabric, and there are often 2 layers – the net curtains and the main curtains. The ability to block out light and retain heat at night, and let in plenty of natural light in the day depend on the type of curtains. Vertical blinds, as well as providing privacy thanks to the angled slat design can have the blind slats placed and adjusted in such a way that they let in the maximum light in the day whilst excluding glare. Vertical blinds also don’t collect at the sides of the windows and so are tidier, and allow the maximum surface area for light to enter the room through the windows. This is as beneficial in daytime in the summer and spring as it is in the autumn and winter.

Putting vertical blind slats in the fully closed position is not only easy, but provides a very effective barrier to drafts and light as the slats lie flush side by side with no gaps. This is also a highly beneficial feature in any season. In the summer it can be particularly important for keeping the sun out in the early mornings thus leading to a more consistent and healthy sleep pattern. Vertical blinds can also help in autumn and winter to maintain privacy in the room when additional artificial electric light is needed in the daytime.

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