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Maintaining Privacy With Blinds


Definitions of privacy include the concepts of being able to be secluded from something, and yet allow yourself to be revealed selectively. Tied up in these definitions are some important truths about human nature on an individual and group level that go back a long way into our past and are likely to be hard-wired into our make-up.

As mammals which have historically functioned in groups, ‘exclusion’ is psychologically a metaphor for death. This is because pack animals and people who are excluded from the main pack are forcibly ejected and pushed out, thus making them more vulnerable to hunger and attack from other groups or individuals. ‘Seclusion’ on the other hand is a choice which groups or individuals can make to maintain their own feelings of security and thus meet the basic need for safety. Seclusion allows privacy and yet allows you to reveal yourself or aspects of your life on your own terms i.e. when, how, and how much you want to.

Aspects of privacy are also closely related to ‘security’ and our public behaviour, our homes, our business premises, and many other physical aspects of life are built and furnished with this basic understanding of our own nature and needs at their heart.

Windows of houses and businesses are a potential area of vulnerability in terms of privacy, but are also necessary for a number of reasons i.e. being able to monitor what’s happening around us, and to experience the beneficial effects of light and the natural environment. Choosing vertical blinds for the windows can be the perfect way to help meet our basic in-built human needs, whilst being completely up to date. Vertical blinds are constructed from a number of vertical blind slats which can be easily angled to allow you to see out, to allow the optimum amount and level of light in, but also to exclude prying eyes from the outside. Even when angled to allow large amounts of light in, it is still very difficult for people from the outside to see into the room, even at close range. Vertical blinds therefore facilitate privacy and seclusion in the most positive way.

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