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Maintenance of Blinds

There are many different types of blinds and therefore many different challenges when it comes to keeping them looking their best. Blinds are generally in daily use which makes them subject to various stresses through repeated movement, contact, and wear and tear over time. Since the blinds also sit directly facing the sunlight they also face the potential threat of the sunlight causing fading or bleaching of colour or pattern from the blinds.

Roman blinds are folded up in horizontal bands, so when open during the day, only the top part of the blinds is actually exposed to the bulk of the sunlight. The folding however has the potential to trap dust, and over time, the upper surface of the folds could begin to show discolouration form dust, and dirt. Many roman blinds are however relatively easy to clean.


Horizontal blind slats are often made of more solid materials such as aluminium or even wood and so are able to withstand many of the daily stresses and strains. In daily operation they’re usually only subject to tilting of the slats to open or close the blinds. Since the slats lie horizontally however it does mean that they can be subject to a build up of dust on the surface of the slats if they aren’t wiped / cleaned regularly.

Vertical blinds are particularly easy to cope with when it comes to maintenance. Slats in vertical blinds tend to be much wider so only slight movements of the slats are needed in daily operation. This ultimately means less wear and tear over time. Vertical blind slats can easily be cleaned, and each individual slat can easily be detached and re-attached making the cleaning process even more straightforward. Vertical blind slats also cost very little to replace should any of the slats get damaged. Since the slats hang vertically anyway, they are less likely to allow dust and dirt to settle on them than horizontal blinds. When in normal operation the slats on vertical blinds don’t generally come into contact with each other or get folded or creased in any way, thus allowing them to look great for a long time.

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