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Why Vertical Blinds Have the Edge


There are many potential options for your windows at home when it comes to window coverings. The UK weather is quite changeable and one of the main features is the 2 long colder seasons of autumn and winter. Before the days of large scale adoption of double glazing and UPVC windows and doors by British households many older homes had a legacy of old wooden windows. In many cases these older windows could be quite drafty. This was one of the main reasons why many households preferred the use of thick, lined curtains in the living room. Modern windows and doors mean that this no longer needs to be a major consideration.

Blinds have been in popular use in UK homes for decades now and over that period of time home owners have become familiar with the different styles available to them. Roller, Roman, and Horizontal Blinds are commonplace in many UK homes.


Stock / standard versions are widely available from home / DIY stores and from local home and soft furnishing shops. Horizontal Blinds use horizontal slats which can be angled to allow the required amount of light into the room. On of the main drawbacks of these is that fact that they have a tendency to trap dust on the surface of the slats. Roller Blinds can be very tidy and as the name suggests they consist of a sheet of fabric / material housed on a rolling tube. The blind can then be pulled down to partially or completely cover the window. Herein lies one of the main drawbacks of the roller blind. In order to shade the room e.g. from bright sunlight the roller blind will need to be pulled quite far down thus actually obscuring the view outside and cutting out much of the natural daylight along with the glare. Roman blind use a piece of folded, pleated, or gathered materiel which can be folded up or let down. As with roller blinds the outside view and much of the natural light is sacrificed to an extent.

Vertical blinds provide a very balanced, practical and versatile solution combined with a neat and modern look. As the name suggests vertical blinds use a series of vertical slats which can be easily angled to allow just the right amount of light in whilst protecting from glare and obscuring the view into your home from the outside. Since vertical blinds are made from uniformly spaced slats they allow light into the room all across the surface of the window from top to bottom. Instead of just obscuring the window space they allow the gentle reflection of light into the room thus making the most of valuable natural daylight. Their washable slats, flexibility of use and easy installation make vertical blinds a practical, aesthetically pleasing option which has the edge over curtains and many other types of blinds.


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