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Shopping Online for Vertical Blinds


The large scale adoption of the Web by organisations, businesses and customers has brought with it huge benefits of convenience and choice. Many products and services which were traditionally delivered / sold from physical premises now don’t need to be. Similarly, organisations, businesses and retailers with existing physical premises have been able to find wider markets and more opportunities and channels. Many of us will be familiar with local businesses and high street shops which specialise in soft furnishings and window coverings including blinds. Vertical blinds have become particularly popular in recent years in business and domestic settings. There is however no real need for customers to physically visit a local shop to buy blinds as the whole process can be carried out effectively online.


Buying Blinds Online

When buying vertical blinds online the first part of the process is for the customer to measure the window(s) effectively. A vertical blind company website can very easily be used to give detailed instructions, including pictures, of exactly how customers can take window measurements correctly.

Another good aspect of a blind manufacturer’s website is that it can display recent testimonials and clear information about delivery. This can be very re-assuring and helpful for customers.

When buying vertical blinds online a high quality blind maker’s website is likely to have a section which can guide you through the process. For example, you will of course be asked to specify the width and drop of blinds in cm or inches, and whether the blind is inside or outside the recess. Also you are likely to be asked whether you would like the control mechanism to the left or right of the blind, and how you would like the blinds to be arranged when not drawn e.g. all to the left, all to the right, or split between the two.

High quality blind companies are likely to have at least 100 different fabrics for you to choose from, and a choice of different draw options. Head rails are generally white or dark brown which tend to match most slat colours.

When it comes to being able to see the blind slat materials, it is usually possible to specify a colour online, and then to have blind slat samples posted to you. The whole process works out to be really no slower than visiting and ordering from a physical shop, is a lot more convenient, and can sometimes be cheaper.


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