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Dressing New Windows in the Home


For many home owners one of the areas for potential problems in terms of losing heat from the home, and making the outer appearance of the home less attractive are the window areas. Older wooden window and door frames can crack and warp, and old single glazed windows cans crack easily, and let in noise and drafts. For this reason many modern home owners invest in new double glazed UPVC windows, doors and conservatories. These can also add value to the home when it’s time to sell. Once new windows have been fitted however what is likely to be the window covering that will make the most of their practical and aesthetic benefits?


Choosing the Right Blinds

Although curtains can look good, once the drafts have been excluded from the window areas why not choose a window covering which can show off plenty of the tidy new window frames. Vertical blinds provide the ideal package of benefits to accompany and compliment the brand new windows. Vertical blinds can be purchased in standard sizes, or made to measure vertical blinds can be made to fit almost any size of window. This means that they are also suitable for use in a window where there is a larger drop such as in the conservatory or over patio doors. Installation requires simple brackets and should therefore make only a minimal impression on or above new window frames.

For made to measure vertical blinds customers can choose which side of the window the blinds can be arranged of when not drawn and which side the control mechanism is on. Once again this can help to make the most of the best features of new windows and doors.

High quality vertical blind makers should be able to offer a huge degree of choice in terms of the slat fabric, a choice or head rail colour (usually white or brown), and several choices of draw options. Vertical slats are also often made from washable fabrics which means that they can easily be kept as clean as the new windows themselves.

Vertical blind slats can be angled to allow just the right amount of light into the room while maintaining privacy. The angled slats also provide enough space for those looking out of the room to admire the new window frames and to get a clear view of what’s happening outside the house without it being easy to see in.


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