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Ideas for Light and Space in the Home


Regardless of the view outside of our homes there is always a need to allow plenty of natural daylight in. Our waking and sleeping are physically related and to a large extent ‘hard wired’ to the cycles of night and day and the presence of light. There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that natural daylight is good for our psychological well being. Something as important as this should therefore be given a great deal of attention when it comes to our home environment. We also tend to feel less confined and restricted and possibly less stressed when we have an area or at least a strong feeling of space around us. Choosing home designs that help to create this type of environment are also therefore particularly important.


On of the main ideas for creating space in the home towards the end of the last century was to knock two rooms into one. This created the benefits of the home feeling more spacious, and making more regular use of the available space in the home. Some adverse effects of this space creating tactic are a potential loss of a cosy feeling in the colder months and having a larger space to heat.

Using predominantly light colours on the walls and ceiling, and having them echoed in some of the furnishings are good ways of creating a feeling of space, and reflecting light into the room. Many homes rely on one single light fitting hanging down from the centre of the room to provide the main light source. This can have the effect of leaving some areas of the room e.g. the furthest away from the light source, darker and with longer shadows. Using a number of halogen lamps inset into and spread across the ceiling can give a much more even light source and can help to create space.

Using shiny and reflective surfaces e.g. laminate flooring and some large mirrors can also appear to open the room out.

Vertical blinds can be a great way of allowing and reflecting more light into any room. The tidy design and clean lines of good made to measure vertical blinds appear to be less intrusive into the room space. The light coloured vertical blind slats can be angled perfectly during the day as to allow just the right amount of natural daylight in whilst guarding against uncomfortable glare. Vertical blinds can therefore provide a light, bright, tidy and low maintenance way to give you lighter rooms that feel much bigger.


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