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The Most Flexible Window Blinds


There are many different types of window blinds to choose from in today’s market. Many people will be more familiar with some popular types and may even have some at home. Each type however has its own set of individual benefits and its own most appropriate applications.

Roman blinds have managed to maintain a popular appeal over many years. This type of window blind is widely available, relatively uncomplicated in design, although not as trouble free to operate and use on a regular basis as other types of blind. The main benefit of Roman blinds is an aesthetically pleasing appearance. These blinds however are made of fabric and incorporate pleats and folds. Their design and style means that they aren’t particularly popular in office settings or in the main living room areas of the home. The folds and fabric make them prone to catching and showing dirt and dust.


Although roller blinds are easy to install and operate, they pull down from the top part of the window and leave large areas of the window completely exposed when in the open position. This makes them relatively impractical in home or business situations where a degree of privacy, protection from glare, and the need to let in lots of natural daylight are important

Horizontal blinds are more suitable for home and business use because of their tidy appearance, durability, and because of the high levels of control that they provide in terms of regulating daylight and maintaining privacy.

Vertical blinds are the most flexible of all the window blind types for a number of reasons. In terms of manufacture, although stock / standard sized vertical blinds are available they can be made to cover a very wide range of window sizes. The vertical, washable slats means that they can be used in the wettest and driest rooms of the house e.g. living room, kitchen and / or bathroom. Maintenance, cleaning, and replacing the individual slats is easy. Vertical blinds provide unparalleled control in their use as the slats can be easily angled to allow just the right amount of light into the room. High quality vertical blind manufacturers can provide a huge selection of vertical blind fabrics to choose from, and white made to measure vertical blinds tend to fit in well with a huge variety of different interior design themes and ides.


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