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Steps to Creating a Tidy Home


All of us lead different lives and have different lifestyles and different situations, but one thing that most people have in common is an appreciation of and preference for a tidy environment. As humans we naturally have perceptual organising tendencies in our brains which are designed to help us make sense of what we see in largely in relation to maintaining our safety. Examples in our home lives, formal scientific education media and decades of marketing messages have also led to a large scale appreciation of the need for and the ways to achieve tidiness and cleanliness at home.

In the last decade there has been much more of a focus on creating space in the home, reducing ‘clutter’, and making the most of natural light. Creating space, using lighter and more reflective surfaces e.g. light coloured walls and laminate floors, make it even more important to keep areas tidy as any dirt, dust or clutter is likely to be obvious. These solid reflective surfaces however may be less likely to create, harbour, or distribute dust than e.g. thick carpets and curtains.


Using vertical blinds is one practical way to maintain a clean and tidy home. As the slats of the blinds hang vertically they are much less likely to provide a surface that dust can settle on. Also the fabric and materials that modern vertical blind slats are made from is generally washable. If slats are damaged, marked or stained they can also easily be detached and replaced.

Made to measure vertical blinds fit the window space exactly, and therefore provide a much tidier appearance. The light coloured slats in uniform sizes, set the same distance apart and all hanging at the same angle give greater symmetry and an understated integrity to the appearance of the window areas. As the slats themselves are thin with gaps between them, and they hang relatively close to the window and aren’t bunched at the side when the vertical blinds are in use, they can give a much tidier appearance than curtains.

Made to measure vertical blinds can be made to fit virtually any window space in the house including conservatory windows and patio doors. Vertical blinds can look particularly neat and tidy in these areas and can help to make the most of the feeling of space in the conservatory.


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