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Maintaining Clean and Tidy Windows Areas

Although windows have one primary function in a home or business i.e. to let more light into a building, they also have a have a number of roles to perform and can influence human perceptions depending on who is doing the perceiving, and from what direction (out or in). Cleanliness is a good habit anyway, and windows are often susceptible to dirt from a number of sources and for a number of reasons:

Limited Contact. Our most likely contact with the window area in the home is likely to be last thing at night and first thing in the morning. At work this may be even less, perhaps because others may open or close any blinds / curtains before we have arrived at and after we have left work. As busy people we tend to prioritise and assign things relative levels of importance. For most people keeping the inside area of the window clean is likely to be something which happens very infrequently.


Access. Access to the window areas, particularly the outside upstairs window areas is often not easy and therefore the cleanliness of these areas suffers.

Personal Motivations, Attitudes and Perceptions. Some people are simply more inclined to clean all areas of the house or office more frequently than others. They may focus less on the time, effort, and potential risk involved, and may be more focused on the positive rewards of doing so.

Looking Clean form the Inside

Outside cleanliness of window areas is often just a matter of regular water based cleaning e.g. by a window cleaner, and by relatively infrequent upkeep to the paintwork.

The window coverings inside can have a major influence on the appearance and perceptions of how clean the window looks. Curtains can often hang in an untidy way, can fade, be damaged, or be stained in certain areas. Washing, repairing or replacing them can be a major undertaking. Vertical blinds provide a great way to keep the window area clean, or actually looking clean in more than one way:

Many modern vertical blind slats are resistant to water and stains. This means that not only are they less likely to pick up any condensation and mould stains, but they can easily be scrubbed and cleaned.

Individual vertical blinds are made up of slats which are of the same length, width, and width apart. This gives a very tidy, uniform, and ‘clean’ appearance to the window area.

Vertical blinds are generally not used in conjunction with any type of curtains. As such, when blinds are angled open during daylight hours, dirty areas of glass can be spotted and cleaned more quickly.

Sometimes it’s easier and quicker to mask or hide something until you can find time to put it right. Vertical blind slats can do a good job of hiding any dirt or irregularities in the window area whilst maintaining a clean window appearance to those inside. Vertical blinds can often help to mask any unpleasant views through the window whilst maintaining a clean and tidy appearance from the inside.


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