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The Choices Offered by Vertical Blinds


Where finding the right window coverings are concerned our choices are often limited by a number of different factors. These are likely to be practical considerations for the most part although all home decoration choices are limited by budgets to an extent.

There are some rooms in the home that make the use of certain fixtures and materials less practical and effective. The bathroom for example is an area where steam and water are always in use and as such moisture is constantly being deposited on surfaces. Where there is moisture in the home and not enough ventilation there are likely to be perfect conditions for the generation of mould. Curtains and blinds such as roman blinds may are therefore much less likely to be suitable in a bathroom environment. Vertical blinds however are made from washable fabrics that can be very resistant to the effects of moisture and mould formation. The vertical blind slats can therefore be more easily and more frequently cleaned than other types of blinds and curtains.


Just like the bathroom, kitchen window coverings are also likely to be subject to the effects of moisture created by cooking, washing, boiling kettles, use of the dishwasher etc. The fact that vertical blind slats can be easily cleaned (and replaced if necessary) once again makes them ideal for use in kitchen areas. Kitchen windows often overlook back gardens and vertical blinds are constructed in such a way as to let plenty of light in and to maximise the view of the outside, but to obscure the view into the window from the outside due to the angle of the slats. This means that using vertical blinds in kitchen areas can allow the home owner to enjoy looking at the garden space and the garden wildlife without being clearly observed by the wildlife or by any overlooking houses or persons passing by.

Bedrooms tend to vary in size in the home but often there is one large bedroom and the rest are smaller rooms. In the closed position vertical blinds, particularly PVC backed ones can be highly effective at blocking out light and maintaining privacy at night which makes them very suitable for use in bedrooms. Vertical blinds also take up less space around the window and let more light in across the whole window area, thus helping them to create the feeling of space which particularly valuable in smaller bedrooms.


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