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Which Blinds for Your Business Premises?


For many businesses, particularly those where customers or potential customers physically visit the premises, appearance, image, and branding can all be very important influencers in whether or not a sale is made, or a commitment is made which could result in future sales. Depending on the type and nature of the organisation / business, we as customers have expectations of what we are likely to see when we visit the organisation / business’s premises. The nature of the work involved, tradition, and the accepted ‘trade dress’ all have an impact on the decoration, furnishings and fittings, and the appearance and behaviour of staff. The implication of this is that to maintain a credible and competitive image in the market place many businesses have to take interior design decisions very seriously.


High street retail and FMCG retail premises are likely to have many of their interior design decisions dictated by the branding and marketing activity, and the main shop front area is likely to be used to display products and marketing messages. For offices in public view and public use, a clean, tidy and modern appearance can only really help.

Vertical blinds have proven to be a particularly popular choice for many offices and business premises for a number of good reasons. From the inside of an office for example the regular, uniform, symmetrical, neat, tidy and organised appearance of vertical blinds can not only add to the overall tidiness of the room, but can help add to and be projected onto an organised perception of the company in the mind of the customer / prospective customer. In a practical sense the elegant light coloured slats can perfectly control the amount of daylight that gets into the office and can guard against glare. Vertical blinds are hard wearing and durable, are easy to operate, and most of the blind slats are washable so maintenance is also easy.

From outside the office, using the same type of vertical blinds in all windows can give a tidy and uniform appearance to the whole office front, and can provide the right degree of privacy when angled in the right way or closed. Vertical blinds can therefore bring perceptual and practical benefits to a business that are much greater than the sum of their parts.


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